Informed sources in Kabul have reported to Mehrnews that the Taliban forces had increased in an unprecedented manner after the fall of the government in Kabul.
that the multiplicity of Taliban forces had caused them not to be separated.

A reliable source inside the Taliban has confirmed to Mehrnews that this challenge has caused confusion among the Taliban forces to coordinate in providing security.

At the same time, although the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior of the Taliban introduced military uniforms for their forces;and had also distributed a number of these forces;But the Taliban forces are patrolling the areas of Kabul city in plain clothes.

This decision of the Taliban has been taken to reduce its forces in Kabul city and to deal with possible threats in the provinces and districts of Kabul.

However, the northern districts of Kabul, which border Parwan provinces, Kapisa;
More troops are sent.

Last week, the forces were reduced from several security areas of Kabul city;
And fifty soldiers were integrated into the military organizations of Kalkan district.


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