According to a survey conducted in the UK, Toronto, Canada’s largest city, was named Canada’s most boring city.

Based on the information of Mehrnews media (Canadian-Afghanistan), in this survey conducted by the analyst of a British institution, 10.9% of tourists described Toronto as a boring city in this country.

Also, tourists have described the Toronto Zoo as a boring attraction.

After Toronto, 10.3% of the respondents named Montreal as the second most boring city, and the Olympic Park is less attractive.

In this research, the British institution of the city of Vancouver was ranked third and 9.3% of visitors called this city boring.

The cities of Ottawa and Quebec are the next most boring cities in Canada.

From the point of view of tourists, compared to the biggest cities in the world, Toronto is in the 36th place, Montreal is in the 43rd place and Vancouver is in the 56th place of the most boring cities in the world.

Bangkok, Thailand took the title of the most visited city in the world in this list.
Miami, Florida is also in second place.

London, UK was ranked third.
In particular, the Ferris Wheel or the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben Tower enjoyed a weak attraction.

According to this organization, old attractions no longer excite tourists and street food, concerts, nightlife and art are more interesting for future generations than seeing old and royal buildings.


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