Sources in Kabul reported that dozens of special forces of the Taliban Ministry of Defense were moved to provide better security for the American Embassy in Kabul.

A local source confirms to Mehrnews that although the American embassy was guarded by a limited number of Taliban police forces;
But in the past few days, new troops were moved to guard the repair of the American embassy.

At the same time, this source added that the security of the American Embassy in Kabul was taken on the order of Mullah Yaqoob, the Minister of Defense of the Taliban.

However, the Taliban did not express any opinion on this matter, previously a senior Taliban official had said;
They are trying to improve better relations with the US government.

Previously, Mullah Yaqub Mujahid, the Taliban’s defense minister, had requested the American official to reopen the American embassy in Kabul in a meeting with Tom West, the US special representative for Afghanistan peace affairs in Abu Dhabi.

In response to the request of Mullah Yaqub Mujahid, the Taliban’s defense minister, Tom West, the representative of the US, said that the domestic and international legitimacy of the Taliban depends on how they treat Afghan mothers and daughters.

Mr. Wiest further wrote: “I told the Taliban to respect the right of women and girls to education and work so that they can support their families.”

In this meeting, Mullah Yaqub Mujahid also assured the US representative, Tom Wiest, that “no country from Afghanistan is facing a security threat”.

Previously, Abbas Stanekzai, political deputy of the Taliban’s foreign ministry, had said many times;
America is going to reopen its embassy in Kabul soon.

This senior political official of the Taliban further said that the representatives of the United States made such a promise to the Taliban in the Doha talks.


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