Following the killing of a former member of the Afghan parliament, criticism of the process of evacuating people who are at risk in Afghanistan;
It has exceeded the Canadian government.

Based on Mehrnews media information (Canadian-Afghanistan), Tom Ladler, a former soldier of the Canadian army, has proposed to the government of this country; People who are at risk in Afghanistan; unconditionally to Canada;
be transferred

This former soldier of the Canadian government says that the citizens of Afghanistan who have a working background under the rule of the Taliban are facing a high threat;
first be transferred to Canada;
Then their asylum processes such as identity verification, fingerprinting should be followed.

After thousands of tons were transferred to this country by Canada;
Mr. Ledler was one of those;
who has cooperated in the relocation of newly arrived immigrants within Canada.

Tem Ladler, who is also a member of the Conservative Party of the Government of Canada;
In a conversation with one of the Canadian media, he emphasized; who hopes;
Government of Canada, Afghan citizens who are at risk;Transfer directly from this country to Canada.

At the same time, a human rights activist, who has eight years of experience in media work and gender equality in the current society of Afghanistan;
He escaped from the rule of the Taliban and took refuge in one of the neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

This human rights activist told Mehrnews media (Canadian-Afghanistan) that he and his family have requested the Canadian government to be transferred to this country several times in a year.
But so far, the Canadian government has not given them a clear answer.

Mrs. Azizi does not provide more details because of the threats;
But he goes on to say that his father was a member of the former Afghan army;
and has cooperated with Canadian forces in Afghanistan.

A document that shows the cooperation of this woman’s father with the Canadian forces.

This human rights activist continues to say that he has written an open letter to the Canadian government, including the Prime Minister of Canada, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the members of the Parliament of this country, requesting to be transferred to Canada.
But he has not received any response so far.

This human rights activist says that another member of his family was subjected to violence by the Taliban several times, such as arrest, beating, threats and imprisonment.

This human rights activist has criticized the Canadian government;
And he says, after the fall of the government, this country announced that the local colleagues of the Canadian forces, human rights activists, religious minorities and journalists who are under threat; They transfer to this country.

He says that he has asked the Canadian government dozens of times to transfer to that country, but so far they have not received any clear answer in this regard.

This human rights activist says that due to his work activities, he and his family can no longer return to Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban.
And in one of the neighboring countries, they are in a critical situation.

He once again asked the Canadian government to take care of their situation and transfer him and his family to this country.


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