The Canadian police has seized nearly 2.5 metric tons of opium, which was moved in dozens of transit containers, in the port of Vancouver in this country.

The border services of the Canadian government has estimated the value of this amount of opium to be more than 50 million dollars.

The Canada Border Services Agency said its intelligence division, in coordination with the Canadian police’s organized crime unit, began investigating the case in September after gathering information about a major maritime smuggling operation.

So far, the Canadian Border Services Administration has provided more details about the arrest of smugglers in connection with this event;
Venice did not say where this shipment came from.

Canadian police said the materials were loaded in 19 containers, and were estimated to be worth more than $50 million.

Canada’s Vancouver port is a connecting channel between Asian goods;
And this port is considered the busiest commercial port in Canada.

Most of the drugs from Asian countries are smuggled to North America and Canada through the port of Vancouver, Canada.

Drug trafficking, including opium, from Asia has increased unprecedentedly, and this has become a big challenge for Canada and the United States.


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