Based on the report of the Canadian media, the government of this country has announced;
which speeds up the visa application for Canadian visa applicants.

The media of this country confirmed by quoting the official of the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada;
which speeds up the visa processing system in a number of countries;
In this way, there will be more opportunities to obtain a Canadian visa.

Among these countries are India, Pakistan and Manila;
These countries are mentioned in facilitating the Canadian visa process.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada announced on Sunday that this program will be implemented in the framework of strengthening the Indo-Pacific cooperation strategy.

In the meantime, the Canadian government will spend more than 74 million dollars to attract labor and to strengthen the visa process in the next five years.

In the past, Canadian visas for India and Pakistan were always processed through Canadian embassies and consulates in European countries;
But in the new action of the Ministry of Immigration of Canada;
This process goes back to the consulates of this country in India and Pakistan.

Also, the Ministry of Immigration of Canada has confirmed that tourist visas, temporary residence, study and work visas from the diplomatic representation of this country;
It will be processed in Delhi, Chandigarh and Canadian Embassy in Islamabad.

Despite all this, the issuance of Canadian visas from the embassies of this country in India and Pakistan has accelerated.

Not long ago, Canada’s immigration minister confirmed that the country’s immigration visa process is moving slowly due to the lack of labor.

Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser confirmed that the government of this country recruited more than 1,200 employees to facilitate the Canadian visa process.


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