The Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Department (IRCC) once again announced the transfer of hundreds of Afghan citizens to this country.

It is stated in the ministry’s announcement that was published yesterday, this time in the continuation of the evacuation process;
350 immigrants, all of whom are Afghan citizens;
It has been transferred to this country.

This department said that in continuation of the process of evacuating Afghans to Canada, another 350 immigrants arrived in Canada on Friday, December 16 (25th of August).

After the fall of the government in the hands of the Taliban, the Canadian government intensified the process of evacuating vulnerable Afghan citizens to this country;
And in the last 16 months, most of these asylum seekers from the countries of the region;
Especially Pakistan and Tajikistan have transferred to that country.

“They will be located in 20 different communities across Canada, including Calgary, London, Ottawa and Toronto,” Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada tweeted.

Tweet of the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of the Government of Canada.

The Immigration, Asylum and Citizenship Department of the Government of Canada added that since the beginning of this process, more than 26,735 Afghan citizens have been transferred to Canada.

Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, said that among these transferred immigrants, there are those who had worked with Canadian forces and related institutions in Afghanistan in the last 20 years.

The Canadian government has pledged to accept 40,000 Afghan citizens by the end of 2023;
Venice will provide accommodation in Canada for these people.

Based on this decision of the Canadian government, it is supposed to transfer 5,000 people, including interpreters and their families, to that country through a special immigration program and more than 18,000 Afghans under threat through a humanitarian program.

This is despite the fact that the Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Department (IRCC) said earlier;
that the process of transferring Afghan citizens from the countries of the region;
has intensified and in recent months thousands of people have been transferred from Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, United Arab Emirates to that country.


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