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According to Al Jazeera’s report, Hassan al-Kantar is a citizen of Syria;
And 11 years ago, he escaped from this country and came to the United Arab Emirates.

But in 2016, when he did not ask for his residency documents for fear of being sent to Syria under the control of Assad, the UAE government sent him to Malaysia.
This country had stopped issuing permanent visas to Syrian citizens.

In Malaysia, Alcantara spent three months on a legal visa;
But his second visa was not issued;
He went to Ecuador and Cambodia;
But these countries returned him to Malaysia.

This time Alcantara had nowhere to go and no legal documents to stay in Malaysia.

This Syrian immigrant lived in Kuala Lumpur airport for 7 months in 2018 due to lack of legal documents.

After seven months of wandering, he decided, the experiences and problems he has seen during this time;
On social networks;
to share, but a Canadian organization helped him after hearing the stories of this Syrian immigrant;
to come to Canada

This Canadian institution started working with the knowledge of Hasan Al Kantar’s story;
They decided to move his immigration to this country.

Hassan came to Canada in 2018, and started his life in this country as a refugee;
But today this Syrian immigrant succeeded;
Get Canadian citizenship.

Hasan al-Kantar has also written a book about his seven-month life in the Kuala Lumpur airport.


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